Guitar Hero Live: New Weezer and Queen Music

Live Weezer performances on Guitar Hero TV

Live Weezer performances on Guitar Hero TV

It’s been over a month since played Guitar Hero Live and my fingers were a little rusty, but new music on Guitar Hero TV brought me back. Last month it was the names of Weezer and Queen that captured my interest, but I found a couple other random tracks to try out too.

I’ve found the better I know the song, the easier it is to learn the Guitar Hero version. The finger dance of up and down notes and chord switches just makes more sense the better I know the song, although it has had the reverse effect of teaching me newer songs by showing me how the notes progress.

Queen Songs

I Want to Break Free – This song is tricky the way it switches from up to down, but it’s not unfair so it’s possible to get it down.

Fat Bottomed Girls – Begin to approximate complexity of Brian May, as much as six buttons on a fake guitar can replicate Brian May.

Hammer To Fall – A fun song to play and less standard Queen. It’s got the trademark chords, rhythm and a few surprises.


The Offspring, Pretty Fly For A White Guy – Not as frantic as you may expect.

The Killers, When You Were Young – This was part of the main game but playing it as a music video, it has a really long intro before the song starts. When it gets to it, this was a Guitar Hero and Rock Band standard for years, so it really approximates that experience on the new guitar.

Weezer Songs

Undone, the Sweater Song live on Guitar Hero TV

Undone, the Sweater Song live on Guitar Hero TV

These are not my favorite tracks in Weezer’s catalog but I get that they’re the hits, or the current output. Rock Band gave me the deep cuts.

Undone, The Sweater Song – Mostly chords, then a few guitar solos take you by surprise. This played the old video for me. Must’ve been a bug.

Say It Ain’t So – A live video of modern day Weezer, and a fairly intuitive finger dance up and down the neck.

Weezer on Guitar Hero TV

Weezer on Guitar Hero TV

Thank God For Girls – The new single is more dynamic like modern Weezer, even as it’s a simpler modern Weezer track.