The Exorcist 4K UHD: The Power of 4K Compels You

Just in time for Halloween, the upcoming sequel, the 50th anniversary of the film and the 100th anniversary of Warner Brothers, The Exorcist comes to 4K UHD. This edition captures the impact of this seminal horror film.

The 4K UHD preserves the film grain of the 1973 film. Georgetown looks beautiful in the daylight, when they’re filming Chris MacNeil’s movie. It’s lush and green, with autumn leaves visible as she walks through the neighborhood.

A visit to the dark attic shows how deep the shadows can go, illuminated by a burst of flame. Regan’s green vomit looks thick and dark but no brighter than it used to be.

Regan’s room is scary enough in broad daylight, but when the exorcists arrive it gets darker and darker.

For contrast, the opening shots of the archeological dig in Iraq look as golden and gritty as Indiana Jones. Especially closeups of dirty hands that have been digging all day. It provides a nice contrast to the rest of the movie.

The Exorcist got a surround mix over the years, so you hear digging in the background during that opening. Music in a bar, cocktail chatter at Chris’s party, rumbles of Pazuzu moving furniture around. The ringing phone provides a good jump scare.

Archival commentaries by the late William Friedkin and William Peter Beatty are also included, though you might want to keep your Blu-rays for all the other bonus features.