DESTINY’S New Expansion And Release Date!

With the release of the House of Wolves expansion, Bungie has finally found its stride, which is leaving many players wondering what’s going to happen next.


Well look no more. Bungie has announced(?) its newest expansion AND its release date.


Games Radar is reporting that the new expansion is called The Taken King. Originally called the “Comet” expansion, this is set to be Destiny’s biggest DLC to date. Supposedly it’s got 12 new story missions, a new raid, a new subclass (apparently warlocks get an electrical storm, hunters get a gravity bow, and titans get a solar flaming hammer) for every class, four new strikes, and a lot of PvP content. Also rumored is something called “The Plague of Darkness”, which in my opinion is probably a world event similar to the Blades of Crota appearances back in the first expansion.


But word is that Red Bull is joining in on this as The Taken King is getting a bit of a promotional boost with bonus XP codes and possible epic quests. And a leak of marketing materials is saying that the new expansion will be released on September 15 of this year.