Prince of Stride: episode 3 Overview and thoughts

Episode 3 of Prince of Stride is now here, and by my 3 episode rule, I am going to continue to watch it, so these reviews will continue along side the show. With that out of the way, Lets get into this overview.

Spoiler warning. 

We open up where we last left off. Right in front of a concert. As I told you guys in the last overview, Galaxy Standard is the name of their first opponents who are highly regarded stride club members, but also an extremely popular Band. After watching them for a few minutes, the team decided to go into their green room. In the hallway, Takeru and Riku run into The members of Galaxy standard (Reiji, Shizuma, Bantaro, Tasuku, Asuma and Kuede). As some of the member’s of team Honan become star struck, they have a pleasant conversation about the old days and one of them asks about Riku’s brother. Can we just know more about him? So far, all we know is he is over seas and some pop stars know about him. One of the Gal-Stan members went all but crazy and asked where Kyosuke. Once that question was asked, they all went into the room and went over the running order.

screen cap 2

Cut to being outside. Here are the line ups. First runners are Riku vs Asuma. Seconds runners are Hozumi and Bantaro. Third runners are Heath and Tasuku. Fourth Runners are Ayumu and Kaede. Finally, the fifth runners are Takeru and Reiji. Now that we got all that out of the way, lets get on with the race.

screen cap 3

Right out of the gate, Riku has an advantage. He seems to be faster than Asuma. While jumping over the obstacles, they close in to the second runners. ¬†Even though Riku is ahead of Asuma, Shizuma, Gal-Stan’s relationer, tells Bantero to go ahead and take off. Out of no where, Asuma speeds ahead of Riku. With Riku finally showing up, Hozumi takes off being a couple seconds behind Bantaro. With Bantaro essentially holding the lead over Hozumi, they reach a zig-zagging bridge. At the last second, Hozumi jumps off of the hand rail to jump in front of Bantaro. as we come up to the third leg of this race, Heath takes off only to have Tasuku fire off what seems like milliseconds later. Tasuku forcing his way in front of, literally nudging Heath out of the way to take the lead, and will keep it the whole way to the fourth leg of the race.

screen cap 4

As Ayumu and Kaede both take off relatively close to each other, a gap between them keeps building and building. As Ayumu starts to realize that the gap is building and building, he starts to think that he isn’t good enough and that he doesn’t stand a chance and wants to end the race and leave right there. Although he skips some obstacles on his way, he keeps up the pace and shows up to the final leg of the race. Being behind Reiji about 5 or so seconds, Takeru takes off like a bat outta heck. With Reiji turning the final corner, it looks like this race is all but done and over with. But with one final stride…well, I’ll let the time speak for itself.

screen cap 5

Although they lost, Hozumi’s older sister shows up furious. Since they lost, they would have lost out on a sponsor, but since she heard that Gal-Stan’s sponsor is a rival clothing company of her, she decides to keep the sponsorship on the table for them. And with that, the episode is over and I am happy. This show has really got its claws into me in the little amount of time. I am keeping up with this show. I love it. So far I give it 8/10. Stop teasing me about Riku’s brother and just come out with it.