Weird Science 4K UHD Review: 4Kelly Le Bro4k

Four years ago Arrow released a Weird Science Blu-ray with interviews with casting director Jackie Burch, Hughes regular John Kapelos, makeup effects artist Craig Rearden, editor Chris Lebenzon, composer IRA Newborn, the TV edit and the featurette from Universal’s DVD. Rearden talks about a deleted scene featuring Robert Downey Jr which is unfortunately not restored in full. Now they’ve upgraded the movie to 4K.

The presentation is grainy like it was at the 1985 two screen theater I saw first saw Weird Science at. You’ll notice the 4K effect in shots like the closeup on Anthony Michael Hall’s crazy eyes shrouded in pure darkness. The ‘80s computer display with the grid frame body and other early animation holds up like Tron.

The creation scene is a lot sweatier in 4K than I remember it. Flashing lights, electric bolts and the red sky glow in 4K. Some practical items that stand out in 4K are the pink Cadillac, red Ferrari and all of Kelly LeBrock’s party outfits.

Le Brock is still more beautiful than even 4K can capture. Maybe the next format will finally live up to her but 4K tries its hardest.

Weird Science has a surround sound mix that remains faithful to the original stereo. It lets the music fill the room and a few sound effects blow back to the rear speakers. The weather chaos during the creation leading to Lisa blowing up the door, partiers clapping and flies buzzing around the Chet monster remind you that weird science is all around you.