Pokemon Sun and Moon Details.

Details about the newest Pokemon games have been announced. And just like we assumed, the names are Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Other than a release time, being holiday 2016, there wasn’t much else announced. Nintendo did announce that you will be able to transfer Pokemon from Red, Blue and Yellow version of the game from the virtual console using the Pokebank. Time to get that Mew and Mewtwo into the newest game and teach them how much Pokemon has finally changed. If you have the time, I suggest you watch the announcement trailer down below.


With nothing else really announced, we are left to speculate legendary Pokemon names and designs and world designs. I always find myself kicking myself in the butt for having sold my 3DS in the past and might find myself buying another one just to play these games. Let’s see what happens. If you happened to miss the live stream, you can catch it down below. it is a little over a half an hour so you don’t have to dedicate major time to it.

And don’t forget. The Pokemon hype doesn’t stop here. The official Pokemon twitch channel will continue the hype on Saturday by live streaming Pokemon game play and discussing¬†it’s influence on pop culture. I might be mistaken, but I want to say that there will also be a 24 hour live stream of the Pokemon Tv show. Check out the live stream tomorrow.